Publisher’s Note for 2014 Edition


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Can the World Design Capital designation for Cape Town really deliver on the promise so eagerly awaited? Obviously there will be direct impact in the form of Signature events such as an International Design Exhibition, International Design Policy Conference and an International Design Gala, to name a few. While this may be great for tourism numbers, very little can be found about the positive economic spin off experienced by past host Cities. Indeed, thus far, there has been only one applicant for host city in 2016! However, far from being negative about the WDC, I am of the opinion that we have already experienced phenomenal benefit! In the last year we have seen an impressive 450 projects (selected from over 1200) being designated as official projects of the World Design Capital Calendar. The sheer amount of creative energy, collaboration and inspiration that has been generated already, makes this an unprecedented success in my eyes. Participants and visitors alike, can look forward to fantastic solutions to unique challenges faced by our society and I can’t wait to see how these ideas spread across the globe. This will be an important milestone on a journey to position Cape Town as a global innovator in socially transformative design.

Beginning next year we are embarking on a programme of engaging with our members, advertisers and readers on a more direct basis through a series of events. ‘Design Ideals’ will be focused on bringing you more of what you need in a relaxed atmosphere with ample opportunity to network and learn about your contemporaries. I look forward to meeting you there. Please keep an eye on the site,, as well as social media channels for details.

Please remember to offer any feedback on our various platforms. These directories are yours and serve to ease the flow of commerce and ideas in the Design industries.

All the best for 2014, it’s going to be great!

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Carl Reynolds

Publisher’s Note for 2014 Edition