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AkzoNobel enjoys a leading global position in powder coatings, with more than 32 factories on five continents and sales operations in more than 44 countries. The worldwide activities of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings are brought under the global brand mark Interpon.

Interpon powder coatings products are supplied to key market sectors such as building, automotives, appliances, furniture, general industrial, general trade coaters and IT.

The Interpon D range
In the building market, our global product range goes under the brand Interpon D. The Interpon D range is a complete offer of premium-grade building powder coatings meeting all major international
building standards and specifications such as AAMA, Qualicoat, GSB and EN 12206.

With more than 40 years’ global track record on the most prestigious building projects in the world, the products from the Interpon D range can provide metal substrate – aluminium and steel – coating solutions for all
performance demands and environments.

The Interpon D2525 range

This world-class range was recently introduced to the South African market and consists of 26 standard colours and three bespoke ranges – Futura, Anodic and Brilliance D2000 – and features
a 20-year product guarantee and a 15-year exterior project guarantee.

Recently the first D2000 project (Mission Hospital in California, USA) turned 21 years old, yielding classleading results. The coating’s physical properties were measured in 2007 and again in 2012 and were found
to still be providing excellent protection and decoration.

Cool Powder Coatings

2013 will see the launch of our low solar absorption range of architectural powders. This unique range of powders reflects the solar infra-red radiation, preventing transmission and convection of heat.

This means:

  • less heat transferred through window frames, reducing the need for cooling
  • less heat radiated into the atmosphere, reducing heat island effect. The low solar absorption range achieves this by: innovative coating pigments that result in lower surface temperatures, even for dark colours.
  • unlike traditional coatings, reflecting a large part of the invisible near infra red radiation (NIR).

AkzoNobel’s Cool Powder Coatings reflect up to 45% of the total incident radiant energy from the sun.

Approved applicators
Currently there are eight Interpon-approved applicators nationally that are also SABS or Qualicoat approved. Project guarantees are available only through AkzoNobel’s approved applicators network, to ensure quality and consistency. AkzoNobel’s worldwide organisation allows architects and fabricators to specify Interpon powder coatings wherever the building may be. Our worldwide team of architectural specialists allows us to manage projects at an international level and our local teams market our products and provide technical support to customers in more than 40 countries.

All approved applicators are inspected at regular intervals by AkzoNobel Powder Coatings technicians to ensure the high professional standards of coatings are maintained. All Interpon D products are backed by an
international guarantee when applied by Interpon D approved applicators.

Interpon Guarantees
For the building professional there are two guarantee options. The first is the product guarantee that warrants technical compliance on panels at time of delivery. The second is the project guarantee, which warrants coating performance on the building after application. It specifically guarantees that the colour change will not be greater than a specific range, there will be no visible checking or cracking, and chalking will be within the allowed limit. In addition, gloss retention will be within specification and there will be no adhesion loss.

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings recently received membership to the Green Building Council of SA and is the first coatings company worldwide to be officially recognised as SMaRT, with sustainable platinum certification. SMaRT, launched in 2002, is the ultimate standard for product sustainability.

Based on the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) model, SMaRT is a consensus-based system that rates companies over a selection of prerequisites and optional factors. Products certified with SMaRT are compliant with 42 individual standards/ certifications based on sustainability.

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