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Aluminium Foil Insulation.

Contact details:

T: Tel- 0860 527 725
F: 086 678 0118
A: 8 Red Street, Isithebi 4490


Afripack Coatings is the manufacturer and supplier of Sisalation® aluminium foil insulation to the building industry.

The company operates from 2 extrusion coating plants in Mobeni and Isithebe with sales offices in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

As a market leader with a proven track record Afripack Coatings retains its position as a major player in the insulation market by constantly reacting
to international trends, pushing boundaries through research, testing and development.

Product description:

Sisalation® aluminium foil insulation has become synonymous with insulation and has been specified by architects and installed by residential, commercial and industrial roofers over the past 40 years. the brand is a frontrunner in the insulation in the South African building industry.

Sisalation is available in various grades to suit a variety of applications.

FR430 – A heavy duty, durable, double sided, reflective foil laminate incorporating advanced fire retardant properties. It is ideally suited for insulating industrial and commercial buildings.

FR405 – An economical, durable, double sided, reflective foil laminate incorporating advanced fire retardant properties suitable for insulating offices, mini factories, clinics and schools.

HF2 – is a double sided aluminium foil insulation incorporating a woven substrate which adds tremendous strength to the product. It is ideally suited for insulating offices, schools, clinics, townshouses and residential homes.

405 – A light grammage, durable, double sided reflective foil laminate ideally suited for insulating homes and townhouses. It incorporates layers of aluminium foil, high strength kraft paper and reinforcing scrim bonded together with a binder

Product benefits:

Working all year round, Sisalation® has proved effective and beneficial in building in the comfort factor, keeping the home and workplace cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

This versatile, easy to install, low maintenance product offers real cost savings on electricity bills for heating and cooling. Sisalation® also dust-proofs, is fire retardant and provides long term durability.

Additionally, its vapor barrier properties allow it to fulfill a dual function when used under the tile of a roof – removing the necessity of a separate waterproof sheeting – at a price that can never be matched by installing insulation and waterproofing separately.

Benefits in a nutshell –

  • Temperature control – cool summers, warm winters.
  • Accredited fire retardant grades
  • Vapour barrier – prevents moisture penetration
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Dustproof – reduces allergens in the air
  • Energy efficient – reduces electricity bills

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