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Bitumproof SA
Bitumproof SA
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22 Archimedes Street Kramerville Sandton
Bitumproof SA: For over 50 years, Bitum and Pazkar have been developing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced waterproofing & damp proofing products in the world.

“ Iluz Bothers SA ” is the sole distributor for BITUM products here in South Africa and Surrounding. With years of experience & a formidable knowledge of waterproofing solutions, Bitumproof SA offers professional consultations & free quotations on all residential, commercial & industrial properties.

Our ever expanding services include not only water & damp proofing, but also joint sealing,

anti corrosion, exterior finishes & vertical landscaping. BitumProof SA also offers comprehensive training to the trade, with the opportunity of becoming an “Approved Bitum Applicator”. These remarkable products have been successfully applied at 100’s of projects in South Africa such as Gautrain Bombela cjv , Grinaker LTA, Eskom, Sasol and throughout the world, earning our guarantee – 100% waterproof!

Bitumproof SA strives to provide green & environmentally friendly solutions in everything that we do. Our products are all water based, non-toxic & odourless, minimising any negative impact on the environment.

Eco friendly Waterproofing products for Construction

Bitumproof SA’s most widely used products are recommended for use on all types of roofs, commercial and residential buildings, public buildings and institutions, as well as Bitumenous Emulsions, for road and transportation infrastructure. These products are mostly applied by spray but can also be applied by brush or roller.

The company’s products are manufactured using innovative technologies which are unique to Bitum. Bitum products meet the E.N. standards of the European Union, ISO 9001 and the German Din’s standards for quality and they have also been approved locally by the S.A.B.S, using stringent laboratory testing.

Multigum by Bitum/ Masteroof by Pazkar

Multigum is a revolutionary sealing system, used for sealing new roofs and renovating old roofs. The system can be applied onto concrete, flat roofs, poly urethane, roofs coated with old acrylic sealing products, IBR, Corrugated, Harvey and all tiled roofs, and even directly onto OLD AND NEW “thermoflex” or “torch on”,

Multigum is water-based & combines polymers without any additives which are dangerous to users or the environment. Multigum is non-flammable & provides excellent insulation properties.

and UV resistance specifications. The Multigum System comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and is highly durable & withstands extremes in heat & adverse weather conditions

Mastigum By Bitum / Elastopaz by Pazkar

The Mastigum Sealing System is applied by spray. It is innovative, extremely advanced and designed for the waterproofing of basement walls, foundation tanking shower floors and tiled patios prior to tiling. Mastigum is a paste-like, one component , water-based material. Mastigum has amazing ponding water resistance It is non-flammable & suitable for spraying via an airless sprayer but roller or brush application is also possible. It can provide a flexible, continuous and seamless sealing membrane, over approximately 500m2 in a 2 man crew work day. Mastigum is very flexible, with an elongation specification of over 1000%. It has the ability to bridge over cracks and functions well in temperatures between -15° C and 100° C.

Flexigum By Bitum/ Rapidflex by Pazkar

Flexigum is a 2-component elastometric sealing material, applied by spray. This highly innovative system is used to seal structures and floored areas such as parking lots and large basements and especially suitable for bridges and transportation infrastructure. It is suitable for uneven surfaces without any special surface preparation. The system demonstrates a high level of ability to bridge cracks and has an elongation specification of 1500% and functions well in temperatures between -20°C and 100°C.

Bitumseal By Bitum/Seal Paz by Pazkar

Bitumseal is a cementicious latex, the only flexible cementicious based product, used primarily for damp proofing & sealing of small structures. Bitumseal can with hold negative pressure up to 2 bar.

Bitumseal can be applied directly onto brick work and or plaster. Bitumseal combines elasticity and excellent water tightness. It provides strong adhesion to substrates such as: concrete, sealing structural walls, inside and out, above or below ground level. It is suitable for sealing building foundations, drainage canals, bathrooms walls and floors, water features & ponds.

Seal Paz by Pazkar

Inopaz H20 is a highly reflective two-component water-based, polyurethane membrane suitable for all exposed horizontal and vertical waterproofing applications.

Inopaz H20 is a unique water-based membrane with outstanding waterproofing characteristics and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Inopaz H20 is applied as a thick coating in a minimum of two passes by brush, roller, squeegee or airless sprayer. Some substrates must be primed with one of three acceptable primers prior to the application of the Inopaz H20. All surfaces must be tested to confirm suitable adhesion prior to a complete application.

Since launching Iluz Bothers SA’s innovative spray on systems and other various waterproofing solutions , and Bitumproof SA services & consultations, together they have fast become a favourite amongst architects, construction companies & home owners and are known for their exceptional quality. With 1000s of square meters under the belt, you can be assured that Bitumproof SA is 100% at your service! 100% waterproof!


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