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Over the last seven years the Directory of Architects has consistently delivered a quality product expressly designed for maximum benefit to any entity working within or wanting to engage with the Construction Design industry. Over this time, we have branched out and included the interior as well as landscape design professionals, to the point where we can confidently claim to be the most comprehensive design directory in Southern Africa. We always strive to improve our offering and to that end we have built this online platform and the various social media that make it so much easier to interact with a like minded community.

More recently we have embarked on a series of value based networking sessions that we call Design Ideals, offering any potential clients a fully comprehensive and well rounded marketing campaign to a well targeted audience.

To learn more about what we would like to do for you, please contact Carl.

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Thanks for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For assistance please contact Carl.

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